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Thursday, 8th November 2018

We can learn an amazing lesson from that of Yitzchok (Isaac). As mentioned in this weeks parsha, he re-dug the wells that were filled in by the Philistines after Avrohom (Abraham) had dug them.

No sooner had he re-dug the first well, others claimed it belonged to them. Yitzchok did not get despondent, he moved on and re-dug the next well. This too was claimed by others to be their well.

This is where many would give up, but Yitzchok continued working to dig up the wells until he succeeded.

There was a story told about the great escape artist "Harry Houdini" (Harry Houdini was born as Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874. His parents were Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weisz (1829–1892) and his wife, Cecelia (née Steiner; 1841–1913). Houdini was one of seven children). He had the ability to escape from the most confining locks and cells. 

Once a prison warden boasted that he had a cell that even the great "Houdini" couldn't unlock. Houdini promptly accepted the challenge. 

Once left in the cell, Houdini began working on opening the lock. To his astonishment, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't throw open the bolt. He worked more carefully, but still without success. Finally, in his exhaustion, he leaned against the door, which swung right open. It was never locked. Even the great "Houdini" cannot open a lock that wasn't locked.

There is a common problem that many of us have, we get depressed too easily and give up. One of the reasons this happens is because we have an unrealistic expectation of what life is supposed to be like, just as Houdini in our story assumed that the door was locked.

Treatment can be effective only when there is an abnormality that needs to be fixed, locks can only be opened if they are locked. Giving up is not an ailment that can be treated, one can only be motivated to try and try again until eventually successful.



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