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Thursday, 3rd January 2019

We all know that during the plague of “Blood”, it was only the water of the Egyptians that was affected and turned into blood, the water belonging to the Jewish people didn’t turn to blood.

The only way that the Egyptians could get hold of water was to buy it from the Jews.

Most interestingly, you don’t find that the Egyptians complained about the Jews with regards to the price of the water, which would normally be typical. Why were there no complaints?


Rabbi Sholom Schwadron comments that having to pay for water was a punishment, and each Egyptian deserved their own level of punishment so would have to pay different prices for the water. How can the Jews possibly estimate how much punishment each Egyptian deserved?

Says Rabbi Schwadron, the water that they wanted to purchase was put on a table in front of them. It was the colour of blood. As they put down more and more money the red water eventually changed into clear water. Through this they realised that this was the price that they as individuals needed to pay and that it wasn’t the Jews putting the price on the water.


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