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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

"You shall observe the Shabbos (Sabbath), for it is holy to you; its desecrators shall be put to death..."
 (Shemos - Exodus 31:14)

To the modern mind, penalties of this sort seem primitive and savage. The person who violates the Shabbos harms no one.  Why does he deserve to die?

It can be explained as follows: Death penalties for religious offences are "consequences" rather than "punishments".  The penalty designated for Shabbos violation is there to inform us that for a Jew, the act of desecrating the Shabbos corresponds to jumping into a river without knowing how to swim.

Let us imagine the sceptic, who doesn't believe that anyone can die by drowning, confidently jumping into a river and drowning as a consequence.  Would we consider his death by drowning unjust or unreasonable because it is contrary to his sincere belief that he would not drown?  Of course not!

In the same way, if a person actually inflicts a fatal spiritual injury on himself by desecrating the Shabbos, he will surely die spiritually regardless of his belief in the validity of the Shabbos laws.

Just as there are many activities that injure (sometimes fatally) the body, so too there are many activities that injure (sometimes fatally) the soul.  The capital offences of the Torah are there to warn us of the potentially fatal spiritual activities (and thus help us avoid them).

Our souls are who we essentially are, our bodies are merely the space suits we wear so that we can function in this physical world. It follows directly that when our souls suffer a fatal injury there is no need to keep wearing the garment whose sole function is to enable the soul to walk around this physical world.


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