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March 05 Kosherpages launches 

December 05 - KP goes national.

June 06 - KP launches business networking events

January 07 - 1st B2B tradeshow

January 08 - 1st Kosher Lifestyle Show

August 08 - Parent & child networking event at the Odeon Manchester

September 08
- Launch of new film review section

September 08 - KP announces The Fed as chosen charity for this year

November 08 - Launch of new Medical Blog By Dr. Martin Harris

March 09 - Kosher Lifestyle Show Manchester

March 09 - Launch of The Kosher Brochure

May 10 - New Owners of KosherPages

June 10 - New look KosherPages

July 10 - KosherPages expands to include Jewish communities nation wide

July 10 - Pick of the Week is introduced to KosherPages - A joke, a quote, a Dvar Torah and more

August 10 - KosherPages now has a Facebook group - come and join us!

November 10 - Your health matters is added to KosherPages

November 10 - New addition to KosherPages - Kosher Fitness column

January 11 - KosherPages introduces "Your Pix" to Pick of the Week

July 11 - Safety First section is added to KosherPages

November 11 - The KosherPages Facebook group reaches 1,000 members

November 11 - KosherPages introduces the monthly competition

March 12 - KosherPages introduces new style "Shabbos Times & More" email. Click here to subscribe.




Birchas HaMazon (Grace after meals)

Friday, 12th July 2019

Birchas HaMazon (Grace after meals) should be recited sitting down, even if the eating was done while standing or walking around, as bentching (saying grace) whilst standing or walking cannot be done with proper Kavanah (concentration). 
Even those listening to the bentching from another person and being Yotzei (fulfilling the grace) with their bentching must be sitting. 
However, if it was recited while standing or walking around [within the room where he/she ate],  he/she has satisfied their obligation.
Moreover, if  one is walking to a destination and stopping to bentch will cause him/her to arrive late, the Bentching may be said while walking, provided that the eating was also done while walking.
If one ate in a car, bus or train, he/she must sit and bentch in his/her seat.


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